Working Papers



  • Do Youth Employment Programs Work? Evidence from the New Deal, August 2019 (joint with Anna Aizer, Shari Eli, Keyoung Lee and Barbara Smith)

  • Party On: The Labor Market Returns to Social Capital, August 2019 (Joint with Matt Miller, Shuyang Sheng and Veronica Sovero)

  • Labor Market Discrimination, the Racial Wage Gap and the Schooling Decisions of the Next Generation: Evidence from WWII, August 2019 (joint with Anna Aizer and Ryan Boone)

Old WP:

  • Access To Care, Provider Choice And Racial Disparities In Infant Mortality July 2004 version. An older version is also available as NBER Working Paper #10445, April 2004. (joint with Anna Aizer and Mark Stabile)